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Kids Video Game Costumes

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We fondly remember the video games that we had growing up. We think it might have had more influence on us than most average kids (we ended up being employed at after all). The fun memories of 80s and 90s games still have nostalgic appeal for us today. While video games have greatly evolved from their early forms, we're confident when your kids are grown up they will still hold the same cherished memories of their childhood.

If your child loves video games, and you think they would enjoy some time as one of their favorite characters, you are in the right spot! We have a massive selection of costumes that will let them have a fun night as one of their favorites. We've got classics like Mario and GI Joe. We also have all of their modern favorites like Assassins Creed, Minecraft and Skylanders! Whatever the choice, you can pair it with an adult version and start making some great memories!