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Carousel Pastel Rainbow Wig

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Carousel Pastel Rainbow Wig
Carousel Pastel Rainbow Wig
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Wouldn’t it be nice if more things worked on the same principles as a buffet restaurant? You walk in, look around at what they have to offer, and take a little bit of whatever you happen to feel like. It’s a great way to broaden your experience without loading yourself down. It would come in handy in any situation where you’re faced with decisions on a wide range of options that all seem appealing. You could assemble a custom car by picking and choosing parts from all of your favorite models, for instance, or pick up five new outfits at a time and change into a new one every 20 minutes.

And it could be especially fun at the salon. No more trying to decide what new hair color you want to sport for the next couple of months. Just order up a little of everything! Granted, you can actually do that at most salons, but it tends to be a long and pricey process involving a lot of foil and chemicals. Why not go easy on yourself with this eye-catching rainbow wig? Crafted with synthetic hair and featuring a wild mix of pastel colors, this multi-hued masterpiece is the best of all worlds. Add a bold splash of glam to any costume and harness the awesome power of buffet living, all at the same time.

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