X-Men Throwback: The Superheroes Then & Now

X-Men Throwback: The Superheroes Then & Now

So we're just a few weeks away from X-Men: Apocalypse hitting the theaters. The second sequel to the X-Men First Class series, which was introduced in 2011, will mark the ninth overall installment in the X-Men films. It's safe to say that we are eagerly anticpating finding out just what will happen to the X-Men when the movie finally drops. Will Apocalypse and his four horseman destroy the fledgling X-Men and rule the world? Or will Professor Charles Xavier and Raven be able to lead their ragtag band of mutants to once again save the world from doom??

We can't wait to find out, but in the interim, we've just having a ton of fun geeking out on everything X related. We were blown away when Empire magazine featured 9 collectible Apocalypse covers in their May 2016 issue, so we decided to assemble the cover collage that highlights the new costume looks and then recreate the design using artwork from our own stacks of vintage comics. With art that shows what the iconic characters looked like in titles such as The Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, and X-Factor, you can use these interactive slider images to make an in-depth comparision of what each character looks like in 2016 compared to how they appeared in vintage comic books of the 80s.

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So what do you think? Do you love how Psylocke looks in the new movie compared to how she appeared in the comics? Are you not quite on board with how director Bryan Singer is using Magneto? Are you busy working on assembling a four horseman team of your own!? Leave us a comment below! And if you're already planning your next costumed outing as a mutant hero or disciple of Apocalypse (we know you are!!), make sure you check out our selection of X-Men costumes! Whichever side you choose, and whatever era you prefer, we're sure to have a look that will work for you—no genetic mutations required!

Design Credit: Kate Willaert

Programming Credit: Tony Bowe

Jason Mattick

Jason is a copywriter at HalloweenCostumes.com and his usual costume choices are drawn from Westeros or that certain galaxy far, far away. Last year he was Daenarys Targaryen, and this year he'd like to be an AT-ST Walker. (If he can find time to fabricate it, since we still don't sell that one...) When he's not rewatching Game of Thrones or obsessing over canonical points in the new Star Wars flicks, he enjoys going to concerts, politicking, and rambling though remote forested regions of the country in search of bigfoot.