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Halloween with a toddler around can make for an interesting trick-or-treating experience. Your toddler is at that age where their personality (and perhaps a bit of attitude) is shining through. They aren’t afraid to tell you what they like and what they don’t, so unfortunately enough for you, the time has passed where you can dress them in the most adorable costume you can find without hearing their complaints. We have so many costumes that if you asked your tiny tot which one they would like to wear, they would probably choose over half of them. Since decisions are hard for little ones, we wanted to help by narrowing down some of the best choices of toddler Halloween costumes for 2015.



Traditional Toddler Costume Ideas

Traditional Costumes.jpg

Vampire Costume - Shop       Pumpkin Costume - Shop       Witch Costume - Shop

Mummy Costume - Shop       Skeleton Costume - Shop       Frankenstein Costume - Shop


Remember when Halloween used to be a sea of monsters, witches, and ghosts? Things have changed a bit since that generation has grown up, but those traditional favorites are still a go-to Halloween costume after all these years. Will you have a little skeleton, a mummy, or possibly a plump orange pumpkin by your side this year?



Toddler Disney Costume Ideas

Disney Costumes.jpg

Snow White Costume - Shop       Olaf Costume - Shop       Woody Costume - Shop

Minnie Mouse Costume - Shop       Cinderella Costume - Shop      Minion Costume - Shop


It is possible that your tyke’s first trip to the movie theater was to see a new Disney film. For the parents who were Disney fans as kids, the older films have also been watched time and time again. Chances are, your toddler has a Disney favorite. Whether it is Frozen, Cinderella, Minnie Mouse, or a Pixar favorite, our selection of Disney costumes is so vast that they are sure to find a character they love for Halloween!



Toddler Superhero Costume Ideas

Superhero Costumes for Toddlers.jpg

Harley Quinn Costume - Shop       Hulk Costume - Shop       Wonder Woman Costume - Shop

Spiderman Costume - Shop       Batman Costume - Shop       Supergirl Costume - Shop


Fighting crime and saving the world are likely on your toddler’s to-do list today, if they have a big imagination. Your child’s imagination has the ability to transform them into any superhero they want to be, all they are missing is the costume! If they are big into pretending and creative play, a superhero costume can be an essential for Halloween, as well as all year-round.



Toddler Star Wars Costume Ideas

Star Wars Costumes for Toddlers.jpg

Darth Vader Costume - Shop        Princess Leia Costume - Shop       Ewok Costume - Shop

Queen Amidala Costume - Shop       Chewbacca Costume - Shop       Yoda Costume - Shop


The anticipation of Episode 7 has Star Wars fans impatiently waiting for December. Exciting days like Force Friday make the wait a little easier, but the eagerness for the film will also reflect on Halloween. New Star Wars costumes as well as older characters will be as popular as ever. Perhaps your toddler is a little too small to have seen the film, but "lightsabers are cool, mom!"



Uniform Costumes

Uniform Costumes for Toddlers.jpg

Fireman Costume - Shop        Pilot Costume - Shop       Doctor Costume - Shop

Sheriff Costume - Shop       Astronaut Costume - Shop       Police Officer Costume - Shop


Does your child have early aspirations to be a firefighter, a doctor, or a police officer? On Halloween they can pretend for a little while and once all the fun of trick-or-treating is over, your little one will have a fun costume to play pretend all the other days of the year. Perhaps they will perform surgery on a stuffed teddy or walk the moon...the possibilities are endless with their favorite uniform costumes.



Toddler Animal Costume Ideas

Animal Costumes for Toddlers.jpg

Werewolf Costume - Shop       Pig Costume - Shop        Monkey Costume - Shop

Cow Costume - Shop       Owl Costume - Shop        Kitten Costume - Shop


Your smart little kiddo might be working on those animal noises at this age. The game parents know all too well, but kids love as they start learning about the world around them. If they’ve got the animal noises down pat, they will probably think it’s hilarious to wander around meowing or acting like a monkey on Halloween. You have to admit, it doesn’t get much cuter than children in animal costumes.



Movie Costume Ideas for Toddlers

Movie Costumes for Toddlers.jpg

Dorothy Costume - Shop       Cobra Kai Costume - Shop       Candy Creator Costume - Shop

Alice in Wonderland Costume - Shop        Tin Man Costume - Shop        Pink Ladies Jacket - Shop


A toddler probably hasn’t seen movies like the Karate Kid or Grease, but sometimes a little parental influence goes a long way. If you are planning to dress up as Cobra Kai or a T-Bird, your mini-me might want to join in on the fun. Family costumes are adorable and what child doesn’t want to be just like mom or dad at that age?



Toddler Dragon & Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Costumes for Toddlers.jpg

Red Dragon Costume - Shop       Darling Dragon Costume - Shop       Teagan the Dragon Costume - Shop

Tot-rannosaurus Costume - Shop       Adorable Dragon Costume - Shop       Dinosaur Costume - Shop


Dinosaurs are extremely popular with toddlers these days. Kids’ clothing, toys, books – dinosaurs are everywhere! It only makes sense that a young boy or girl might want to dress as a dinosaur or dragon for Halloween. As long as they don’t mind wearing a hat or headpiece, you can have the cutest dino on the block this year!


Does your toddler already have their mind made up or do you have some influence yet? Share your costume ideas with us in the comments below. If your tot didn't find exactly what they wanted for Halloween this year, head on over and check out the rest of our selection of toddler Halloween costumes.

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