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by |September 22, 2015
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Fresh off of filming episodes for their own new show, the Muppets have gone wild. They think they're the talk of the studio and have gone out of control showing up on sets of other TV shows. While we're really excited for the premiere of the Muppets new show, we wanted to help wrangle them up and get things back in order. Here are 20 shows we found some of our favorite Muppet characters in after they wandered off their own set. 



1. The Office



It all started back in 2011, following the Muppets movie. Newcomer Walter attended a company meeting on the set of The Office to get some ideas for the new show. 



2. Arrow



The latest season of Arrow is all about Stephen Amell sporting the new “Green Arrow” costume. Kermit, being an advocate of the color green, naturally thought he’d fit in on set. 



3. The Walking Dead



So fighting crime wasn’t Kermit’s thing. Fending off zombies in The Walking Dead? Not much better. Doesn’t look like he’ll be leaving Rick’s side anytime soon. 



4. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory_Kermit


The set of Arrow and The Walking Dead got a little too intense for Kermit, so he decided to head over to Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment on The Big Bang Theory to chat with the crew about what to do on “Anything can happen Thursday.” 



5. Grey's Anatomy



Don’t worry, nothing happened to Miss Piggy. This is all part of her plan to get some face to face time with McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy. See, looks like she’s moved on from Kermit after they broke up. 



6. Once Upon a Time



On second thought, perhaps Miss Piggy isn't taking this break-up with Kermit as well as we thought she was. Unless you want to end up like Snow White in Once Upon a Time, don’t accept any apples from the Muppet pig. 



7. Marvel's Daredevil



Gonzo took on the most boring role of all. He’s just been driving a cab around various sets over the past couple weeks. He couldn’t resist pulling up to this fight scene in Marvel’s Daredevil to cheer on Matt Murdock. 



8. Brooklyn Nine Nine



Rowlf stopped by the precinct at Brooklyn Nine Nine where the gang, to no surprise, was goofing off in the office. He looks like he fits right in as part of the K-9 unit. 



9. Game of Thrones



Statler and Waldorf are pretty vicious hecklers. Wonder what they had to say to Ned Stark and Jaime Lannister in this Game of Thrones fight scene. 



10. Hollywood Game Night



Fozzie is a natural performer, so it’s no surprise that he wanted to get in with some fellow celebrities on an episode of Hollywood Game Night. I think we even heard Jane Lynch let out a “Wacka Wacka Wacka.”



11. True Detective



With a love for mocking others and cracking jokes, it makes sense that Rizzo the Rat would stop by the set of True Detective. Season two wasn’t received as well as season one, and Rizzo sure let Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell know it.



12. Marvel's Agents of Shield

Agents of Shield_Bunson Beaker


Leave it to Bunson and Beaker to infiltrate the lab on Marvel’s Agents of Shield and bother Fitz and Simmons. They’re trying to save the world here, guys! Leave them be!



13. 2 Broke Girls



You might think that Swedish Chef would want to crash a cooking show, but the Williamsburg Diner from 2 Broke Girls is the perfect place for him. He can keep a low profile and herdy dur flerty floop all he wants. 



14. House of Cards



After appearing as a CIA agent in Muppets Most Wanted, Sam Eagle wanted to drop in to keep tabs on Frank Underwood on House of Cards. Hopefully, he gets on Frank’s good side or he won’t be around for long. 



15. Fresh Off the Boat



Animal is just all over the place. We last saw him in this scene from the CBS comedy Fresh Off the Boat, before losing him again. 



16. America's Got Talent



All apologies to Howie Mandel, but Sweetums loves entertainment and has some words for Howard Stern as he critiques the latest act on America’s Got Talent. He may look intimidating, but he’s a softy at heart. 



17. Dancing With the Stars



Pepe loves to dance. He NEEDs to dance. Watch him steal the show on Dancing with the Stars.



18. Gotham



Penguin didn’t waste any time in Gotham rising up the ranks. When he opened his own nightclub, who knew he’d get Electric Mayhem to play there? 



19. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon



Floyd just wants to play music all day every day. He was eager to join in alongside The Roots on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon



20. Orange is the New Black



When she’s not playing guitar in Electric Mayhem, Janice likes to do yoga in her downtime. We found her teaching a class on the set of Orange is the New Black



Well, we tracked down most of them. Sure, some of the actors from the other shows had fun with them, but we're pretty sure others were pretty annoyed (don't expect any Muppets to show up on Marvel's Agents of Shield anytime soon). The Muppets just need to stay focused on their own show. Who's your favorite Muppet? What popular TV show set would you crash if you had your pick? If you're excited for the Muppets new show, check out our selection of Muppets Halloween costumes



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