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by |June 11, 2015
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Goodness knows that for a gal who takes Halloween seriously, there are MANY factors that go into picking the perfect costume! You need a look that's relevant enough to not confuse people, stylish and figure-flattering, comfortable so that you can party the whole night away, and, of course, a little daring to get people talking! It's the one day of the year when you're given the freedom to totally transform, so you might as well take advantage and go all out! We laid some groundwork for you and picked out / organized the sexiest plus size Halloween costumes of 2015, so all you have to do is browse through and pick the one that calls out to you! You'll slay at the costume party this year, trust us!



Plus Size Uniform Costumes

 Uniform Costumes.jpg

French Maid Costume - Shop       Nurse Costume - Shop       School Girl Costume - Shop

Police Officer Costume - Shop       Sailor Costume - Shop       Firegirl Costumes - Shop


These uniform inspired costumes will turn you into one provocative professional! Send your patients into cardiac arrest while you parade around as a naughty nurse, or make bad guys stop dead in their tracks in an arresting cop costume. Without a doubt, you'll be certifiably sexy. Warning: We do not recommend actually wearing these to work if you value your job! (Sorry fellas!)



Plus Size Flapper Dresses

 Flapper Dresses.jpgBlack and Silver Dress - Shop       Silver Flapper Dress - Shop       Red Flapper Dress - Shop

Black Flapper Dress - Shop       Purple Flapper Dress - Shop       Red and Black Flapper Dress - Shop


If you're in the mood to shimmy and shake, you will probably think these flapper costumes are the bee's knees. They're perfect for ladies who want a vintage inspired look from the roaring 20's. All of these flapper dresses have sparkly and shiny accents which give off both a classy and sassy vibe. Want to guarantee you'll get the attention from the gangster you've been crushing on? Do the Charleston!



Plus Size Animal Costumes

 Sexy Animal Costumes.jpg

Raccoon Costume - Shop       Lion Costume - Shop       Cozy Bat Costume - Shop

Werewolf Costume - Shop        Cheetah Costume - Shop        Gorilla Costume - Shop


Looking to take a walk on the wild side? You'll be looking and feeling fierce in these sexy plus size animal costumes. Get in touch with your inner ferocity when you dress as a lion or make men go  'bananas' for you when you show up as a gorgeous gorilla. Perhaps you will even find your perfect (pri)mate this Halloween!



Plus Size Disney Costumes

 Flirty Disney Costumes.jpg

Tinkerbell Costume - Shop       Minnie Costume - Shop       Snow White Costume - Shop

Cinderella Costume - Shop       Wonderland Cat Costume - Shop       Wicked Queen Costume - Shop


We hear Prince Charming calling your name! Disney obsessed dames will love feeling like princesses in our flirty plus size Disney costumes. Whatever you do, just promise us you won't bite into a shiny apple given to you by a suspicious looking woman. You can also choose to expose your wicked ways by dressing as a villainous Disney villain vixen.



Plus Size Historical Costumes

 Sexy Historical Costumes.jpg

Masquerade Costume - Shop       Beer Maiden Costume - Shop       Egyptian Goddess Costume - Shop

Cavewoman Costume - Shop       Robin Hood Costume - Shop        Parisian Showgirl Costume - Shop


Rewrite history to make it a little bit more...scandalous?! Give your favorite historical figures a much needed makeover. Stun your date while you're dressed as the Queen of the Nile or leave the whole party in shock when you show up as a prehistoric cave princess. All of these sexy plus size historical costumes will prove exactly why history repeats itself.



Plus Size Pirate Costume

 Sexy Pirate Costumes.jpg

Private Pirate Costume - Shop       Pirate Wench Costume - Shop      Wicked Wench Costume - Shop

Vixen Pirate Costume - Shop       Swashbuckler Costume - Shop       Spanish Pirate Costume - Shop


Say 'yar' to being the sexiest swashbuckler to ever sail the seven seas! Captain Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow can take a seat on the ship while you pillage and plunder in your sexy pirate ensemble. Something tells us the treasure chest marked with an “X” won't be the only 'booty' that sends everybody into a frantic search.



Plus Size Fairytale Costumes

 Sexy Fairytale Costumes.jpg

Midnight Fairy Costume - Shop       Fairy Queen Costume - Shop       Manic Mad Hatter Costume - Shop

Tin Man Costume - Shop       Red Riding Hood Costume - Shop       Charming Alice Costume - Shop


Whimsical wardrobes aren't just for princesses, pixies, and picture book characters. Now you can sip a cup of tea as the manic Mad Hatter, defeat the Jabberwocky as the charming Alice, or frolic in the open fields as a woodland fairy. It's not everyday that you get to bounce around with wings on your back, so you better start fluttering!



Plus Size German Costumes

 Sexy German Costumes.jpg

Bavarian Girl Costume - Shop       Bar Maid Costume - Shop       Happy New Beer Costume - Shop

German Beer Girl Costume - Shop       Swiss Girl Costume - Shop       Beer Garden Girl Costume - Shop      


Guten Tag! Boy, the beer guzzlers will be psyched when they find out a beautiful Bavarian beer maiden will be serving them cold ones. You'll look like an authentic German bar maid with your curly pig tails and lederhosen. Wear a sexy plus size German inspired costume to Oktoberfest or while you're just sipping from a beer-filled stein with your closest friends. Cheers!



So, now you have confidence, sass, a sunny personality, and the largest selection of sexy costume options for plus size women. Do you have your costume picked out already? Share your choices with us in the comments! Come Halloween night you'll be one of the sexiest women on the scene.


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