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by |May 28, 2015

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"New" and "classic" are two words that rarely find their way into the same logical sentence, but these days, "new" costumes based on characters that invoke "classic" nostalgia are exactly what the doctor ordered! That's why some of the hottest "new" costume ideas this year get their inspiration from "classic" movies and cartoons. Let's cure a case of the old/tired/ boring costume blues by checking out some new Halloween costumes ideas for 2015 that will take you back a few years.   



The Simpsons Costumes

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Krusty the Klown Costume - Shop       Milhouse Costume - Shop       Ned Flanders Costume - Shop

Homer Costume - Shop       Lisa Costume - Shop       Selma Costume - Shop       Patty Costume - Shop


Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie might be over 20 years old, but you don't stick around that long without knowing how to keep things feeling fresh and new. New styles, costumes, and masks are out this year, so your dream of shouting, “everything's coming up Milhouse,” while wearing the appropriate glasses and blue hair, is finally a real possibility.



Back to the Future Costumes

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Back to the Future Shoes - Shop       Marty McFly Jacket - Shop       Hoverboard - Shop

Doc Brown Jumpsuit Costume - Shop       Doc Brown Costume - Shop


Have you checked the date recently? In case you hadn't noticed, it's 2015—the year of Hoverboards, double-ties, sneakers that light up, and flying cars! Alright, maybe some of the fads predicted in Back to the Future II didn't exactly pan out, but plenty of fans are going to be ready to celebrate all the same. Just for such an occasion, we've got some all new costumes and accessories based on this Universal classic.



Grease Costumes

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Toddler T-Bird - Shop       Kids T-Bird - Shop       Adult Men's T-Bird - Shop       Lady T-Bird - Shop

Adult Pink Ladies Jacket - Shop       Child Pink Ladies Jacket - Shop       Toddler Pink Lady - Shop


Pretty much everything that everyone remembers about the 1950's came nicely packaged in the classic movie, Grease. It tells the harrowing tale of how people lived before smartphones, social media, and selfies. Of course, we're not giving up our smartphones any time soon and we doubt you want to either, but you can still use smartphone apps while wearing the leather jackets and cute Pink Ladies tops that come with our new Grease costumes. (Also, we went ahead and checked: greased up hair will not affect your ability to use Snapchat).



Dumb & Dumber Costumes

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Lloyd Orange Tuxedo - Shop       Harry Powder Blue Tuxedo - Shop


In 2014, Harry and Lloyd paired up for more antics in Dumb and Dumber To, but the guys came a little too late for Halloween last year. They were in perhaps their most prime prime when they showed up to the hoity-toity Snow Owl Charity Benefit with a "colorful" sense of style that didn't fly with the black tie sort of crowd. It's a shame the guys didn't break the tuxes out in the most recent sequel, but nothing accomplishes the iconic look of this dimwitted duo like these new orange and blue tuxes.



A League of Their Own Costumes

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Toddler Kit Costume - Shop       Child Kit Costume - Shop

Child Dottie Costume - Shop       Toddler Dottie Costume - Shop


Before A League of Their Own, most people really thought that crying was just a part of the seventh-inning stretch of baseball. Thank goodness Tom Hanks cleared that up in the 1992 classic film. With a brand new generation to love this fan favorite, the costume world had to follow suit. How can you pass up a golden opportunity to sing all night? "We are the members of the All-American league, we come from cities near and far..."



Dodgeball Costumes

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Men's Dodgeball Costume - Shop       Plus Size Dodgeball Costume - Shop

White Goodman Costume - Shop       Women's Dodgeball Costume - Shop


Another classic comedy with new costumes out this year is also a classic fan-favorite, Dodgeball. If you plan on playing the game, you need a uniform and these Average Joe costumes bring the team's signature look to any occasion. (They're also much more party appropriate than the ones based on their first game uniforms.) Join the team this Halloween! However, we do not advise chucking balls at defenseless party-goers. Sorry!




New Mario Costumes.jpg

Bowser Costume - Shop       Princess Peach Costume - Shop       Women's Mario Dress - Shop

Women's Luigi Dress - Shop       Toad Costume - Shop       Women's Yoshi Dress - Shop


Mario's been busy this year. Mario Party 10, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Star, and Mario Maker all come to Nintendo systems this year. He's probably got a few other plumbing jobs on the side, too! Of course, those new games mean all new Mario and Luigi costumes this year. You can finally be Yoshi, Bowser, and Toad, along with Mario and Luigi. (Head to a go-kart track in those costumes and you could have yourself a real-life game of Mario Kart!)



Powerpuff Girls

Power Puff Girls Costumes.jpg

Bubbles Costume - Shop       Blossom Costume - Shop       Buttercup Costume - Shop


The City of Townsville...is under attack! It's a phrase that most 20-somethings remember from watching some good old fashioned Cartoon Network. Now, with new Powerpuff Girls costumes for 2015, you can actually dress up as the trio. (Superpowers not included.) This is the first year that you can find them anywhere, so cartoon fans should be excited to see their favorite super-girls ready to kick butt again!


We have plenty of new Halloween costumes for 2015, so you better start narrowing down your choices now! Which "new classic" costume is your favorite? Which classic would you like to see new costumes for in this year? Let us know in the comments!


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