Halloween Costumes 2015: Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

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It’s never too soon to think about how you’re going to knock 'em dead at your next costume party, and isn't there something especially satisfying about a well executed couple's Halloween costume? A good team effort can show off your knowledge of pop-culture, your sense of humor, and your special bond! Two really is better than one, but we know that choosing the perfect couples costume can be difficult, and we’re HERE for you! In 2015, popular culture, television, and movies, are providing us with a ton of ideas to make you and your significant other’s Halloween costume the best one yet!



2015 Pop-Culture Costumes

Pop Culture Couples Costumes

Men's Shark Tunic       Women's Cozy Shark Costume    

Women's Blue Flapper Dress      White Flapper Dress   

Men's Football Costume       Women's Sexy Football Costume


Do you recognize the inspiration behind these 2015 pop-culture-inspired costume moments? "Left Shark," the blue dress vs white dress debacle, and DeflateGate, all occupied our thoughts - and inspired many-a-meme - for quite some time. Obviously there are more pop culture moments to come, but bring these back at the end of the year for some welcomed nostalgic moments. These couples Halloween costume ideas will be sure to get laughs, and inspire stories.



2015 Superhero Costumes


Let it not be denied that 2015 was and is a break-out year for Super heroes. Avengers 2, Ant-Man, and The Fantastic Four, are gracing the silver screen, while The Flash, Green Arrow, and Daredevil, all came to the small screen. Even more details began to be released on 2016’s upcoming releases too—including Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. No matter the year, though, Superheroes are always great source material for fun, relevant, and geeky couples Halloween costumes.


DC Costumes

DC Costumes.jpg

    Sexy Harley Quinn Costume        Grand Heritage Joker Costume

Bow and Arrow Set        Women's Flash Costume

Women's Batman Costume        Men's Deluxe Superman Costume


With the Marvel Cinematic Universe totally owning the box office, DC and Warner Brothers have begun plans to create a movie universe of their own. While 2015 didn’t see an addition to this DC Movie Universe, it did see the release of the Batman v Superman trailer, and a ton of info on The Suicide Squad featuring Harley Quinn and The Joker - expect to see lots of variations on these characters as dynamic duos, come Halloween 2015.


Marvel Costumes

Marvel Costumes.jpg

Women’s Captain America Jumpsuit        Men's Iron Man Costume

Men's Hulk Costume        Women's Black Widow Jumpsuit


Marvel released their second billion-dollar movie at the box office in 2015. Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron rocked movie theaters around the world. It should be expected that Earth’s mightiest heroes will return around Halloween time, as comic-obsessed and movie-loving couples around the world celebrate Marvel’s dominance by dressing as their favorite super someone!



2015 Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars Couples Costumes

Padme Amidala Costume       Anakin Skywalker Costume

Men's C3-P0 Costume        Women's R2D2 Tank Top

Men's Han Solo Costume        Women's Slave Leia Costume


2015 is going to be a momentous year for science fiction, with the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens this December. We'll be in a rather strange place this Halloween since Star Wars hype will be at an all-time high, but the specific character arches won’t yet be defined! You can, however, take advantage of Star Wars mania by getting yourself into any one of these awesomely classic Star Wars couples costumes.



2015 Disney Costume Ideas

Disney Couples Costumes

Women's Cinderella Gown        Men's Price Charming Costume

Women's Elsa Costume        Men's Olaf Hoodie


An old standby in the Halloween world, Disney provides a huge catalog of couples - both romantic and platonic - for you to draw an excellent couples Halloween costume from. Walt Disney Productions has taken it upon themselves to pump out both new animated films, like Frozen Fever and Inside Out, alongside live-action retellings of their classic stories, like 2015’s Cinderella. Expect to see a good spattering of new and old Disney-dressed couples out there this Halloween season!



Exclusive 2015 Couples Costume Ideas

Exclusive Couples Costumes

Women's Leela Costume        Men's Fry Costume

Men's Vegeta Costume       Women's Bulma Costume


Did you know that Halloweencostumes.com has completely, 100% exclusive costumes that you can't get anywhere else? Do you want to dress as something that a fellow party-goer may never have seen before? Here are two ideas for Halloween 2015, that are sure to impress the heck out of your friends, and give you costume bragging rights until Halloween 2016! Check out the ideas above from the Futurama and Dragonball Z franchises, or ALL of our exclusive options HERE!


Did you get some solid inspiration from any of these ideas? We know that choosing the right couples Halloween costume can be a real stumper, so if you didn't find your couples costume "aha!" moment above, you can take a look at our complete selection of couples costume ideas HERE!

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