Marilyn Mom-roe: Mother's Day Glamor

by |May 8, 2015
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Marilyn Monroe Mom-roe Mother's Day Glamour


Motherhood is not always as glamourous as movies and television make it out to be. Our moms work hard, and sometimes have to forego things like hair, makeup, and nice clothes for comfort, ease, and mobility in the 'real world'. Nothing wrong with that! But what if motherhood was as glitzy and glamorous as Hollywood and television make it out to be? We wanted to explore that idea, so we got one of the most glamourous women in history, Marilyn Monroe, to show us what everyday glamour might look like on this Mother's Day.




"Mom, you said there would be pictures in this book."


Marilyn Mom roe Mother's Day Cookie Baking

"I don't know what mom is looking at, but it's not nearly as interesting as this dough."


Marilyn Mom roe Mother's Day Chores

"How many people does it take to vaccum a floor? In this dress, four."


Thanks to all the mothers out there who make this stuff look easy. What did you think? Does Mom-roe fit the role of glam-mom? Tell us below, and enjoy your Mother's Day!

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