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May 1st draws ever closer and on the horizion a Vision! As we prepare for the arrival of the newest members of the Avengers, in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, check out this superhero profile on the mysterious Vision.


(Note: SPOILERS. You heard us—SPOILERS! )


Background and History


Comics Background


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In the comics, the Vision is the creation of Ultron. Originally created to infiltrate and then trap Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Vision would go against his programming and his master to save the Avengers. When the Avengers and Vision first meet, the character Wasp calls him “an unearthly, inhuman vision,” thus — The Vision.


Age of Ultron Background


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We’re not quite sure about the origins of the Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we’ve got some guesses. We know that Ultron will be a creation of Tony Stark and that the Vision will be played by Paul Bettany, the same individual responsible for the voice of JARVIS (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System), Stark’s home computing system/butler. We can assume that JARVIS and Vision will be related in some way, but how remains to be seen.


Vision's Powers


Avengers Age of Ultron Vision Powers



The Vision has a very unique power set. As an android, he is not susceptible to fatigue or poisons. He is capable of increasing or decreasing his mass at will (though not his size), meaning without changing shape he can be as heavy as steel or as light as air. His density-manipulation powers can also make him intangible (Vision can pass through objects and people) or harder than diamond, making him especially durable. When he lowers his mass to a certain point, Vision gains the ability to fly. At the higher end, his durability, weight, and strength increase allowing him to lift over 50 tons. The Vision is also equipped with a type of solar reactor, enabling him to shoot energy beams.


Warning — Potential spoilers ahead!
(Ok, it’s only speculation, but we don’t want you reading something that ruins your fun.)


The Avengers: Age of Ultron: A Vision of the Future


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Marvel has been very mum on what role the Vision will play in the new film, even going so far as to feature him in only one of the three trailers released. What we DO know is that the Vision will be played by Paul Bettany — the same actor who voices JARVIS — which leads us to believe that Tony Stark will be involved in his creation. We’re thinking he’s created to combat Tony’s other little mishap, Ultron. There's also speculation that the Vision may have a connection with the Infinity Stones Marvel has featured in their films (check out that image above).


What vision do you have of this new addition to the Avengers line-up? Comment below with your thoughts! While you're waiting for the movie, you can check out our Avengers costumes. We mean, you have to dress up for the movie premiere, right? 

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