Playboy Bunnies of Oz

by |October 14, 2014
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Playboy Bunnies of Oz

Do-it-yourself costume mashups are all the rage this year and we couldn't let Comic Con attendees have ALL the cosplay fun. We wanted to play too! We took one of the most popular annual group costume themes, the gang from The Wizard of Oz, and imagined what it would be like if they turned into Playboy Bunnies! Grab yourself a martini, skip down the yellow brick road (don't spill the martini), and join us on this unexpectedly sexy mash-up journey which we have dubbed "The Bunnies of Oz."


The Predecessors

Because we have manners, we thought it only proper to tip our internet hats to the Playboy Bunny mash-ups that have come before us. These are our absolute favorites. They're fun, colorful, inspirational, and gloriously geeky.


Star Trek Playboy Bunnies

Star Trek Bunnies - Source


Playboy Bunny Avengers

Avengers Bunnies - Source


Disney Princess Playboy Bunnies

Disney Princess Bunnies - Source


Playboy Bunny Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Bunnies - Source


The Bunnies Of Oz

Our turnnnnn. We styled a total of six bunnies (and one dog!) and took some beautiful glamour shots of each girl. Every costume includes themed Playboy Bunny accessories including ears, a choker, and arm cuffs. There is also a themed prop accompanying each of our sexy Oz inhabitants. Which one is your favorite?! We just can NOT pick one.


Dorothy Bunny

We started with the corset from our exclusive Kansas Girl costume and went off-book from there. Dorothy's "prop" is her very own Toto! She's actually a girl puppy named Reesie, but we HAD to use her...wook at dat face!


Wizard of Oz Dorothy Playboy Bunny


Dorothy Playboy Bunny


Dorothy as a Playboy Bunny


The Scarecrow Bunny

We really had to use our brains to figure this one out. (Get it??) The corset top actually came from our Poison Ivy costume, and we repurposed some felt patches and straw from our scarecrow hat. The finishing detail for this bunny was a quick DIY prop in the form of a diploma that we borrowed from the wizard himself. She's sexy AND smart- and we're insanely jealous!


Scarecrow Playboy Bunny


Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Playboy Bunny


The Scarecrow as a Playboy Bunny


The Tin Man Bunny

This tin cutie's outfit features the Corset top from our exclusive metal woman costume and a super fun silver wig with red highlights. For not having a heart, this Tin Man Bunny sure looks like she could break several!


The Tin Man Playboy Bunny


Wizard of Oz Tinman Playboy Bunny


Playboy Bunny Tin Man Costume


The Cowardly Lion Bunny

One of our favorite parts about this Cowardly Lion bunny costume is her prop. The Cowardly Lion may not have actual courage, but now she has some LIQUID courage in the form of a martini. Choose from our top lion costumes to start off this look, and some plastic whiskers applied using liquid latex finished it off. Rawrrrr!


Cowardly Lion Playboy Bunny


The Cowardly Lion Playboy Bunny


Playboy Bunny Cowardly Lion


The Witches

For whatever reason, most of the "Playboy Bunny Mashups" that have gained notoriety have a strange thing in common: they feature a green bunny! Not ones to break trends, we went to town on a tube of green body paint and styled a Wicked Witch of the West bunny. We had to balance out all that evil with some good, so we also put together a sparkly pink Glinda bunny.


Wizard of Oz Witch Bunnies


Glinda Bunny

This good witch is famous for being one of the prettiest, pinkest, most sparkly characters on film. Our pink sequin Playboy Bunny costume gave us the PERFECT corset base, and we actually cut bunny ears out of a Glinda crown! Resourceful, no? A magic wand was the obvious choice for this pretty bunny's prop. 


Glinda Playboy Bunny


Playboy Glinda Bunny


Wizard of Oz Glinda Bunny


The Wicked Witch of the West Bunny

Last but not least, the queen of green! Our Wicked Witch bunny somehow still manages to ooze sexy, even through a thick layer of green makeup. We started with a very classic black Playboy Bunny leotard and gave this dastardly diva a broom for her prop. She's so cute she makes us melt - just keep her away from water unless you want HER to melt!


Wicked Witch Playboy Bunny


Wicked Witch of the West Bunny


Playboy Bunny Wicked Witch


Off to See the Wizard

We dare anyone to recreate our playboy bunny costume DIY with their own group of Wizard of Oz bunnies and NOT make a video of them skipping down the Yellow Brick Road! Check out these other playboy bunny costumes and accessories to get your own playboy bunny mashup off the ground.

Aleksandra Sobic
Aleksandra Sobic

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