2014 San Diego Comic-Con Coverage Part 1

The whirlwind that is San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. The lines were long, the celebrities were elusive, the previews were awe-inspiring, and the collectables made our inner-child squeal with glee. Strap on your exclusive comic-con bag across your back and join us as we round up the highlights of this epicenter of geek culture!


SDCC 2014 Crowd Picture


75 years of Batman

Preview Night (Wednesday) actually fell on Batman Day and the 75th anniversary of everyone's favorite caped crusader. The DC booth was celebrating all things Batman with classic movie memorabilia, exclusive artwork, and a preview of the newest Batman cape and cowl from the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman.   

SDCC 2014 Batman 75th Annivesary


Cool Toys, Collectibles, and Goodies

Comic-Con is full of the comics, toys, and collectibles that geeks dream about. Whether you are into LEGOs, action figures, mini-statues, or full size replicas, this con will meet all your nerdy desires. Who wouldn't want a full-size Han Solo in carbonite for their living room?

SDCC 2014 toys


Sideshow Collectibles always produces cool works of art to be enoyed by all ages. The Legendary Scale collection boasts the most impressive statues with realistic detailing in true-to-life sizes. Our favorite charcters from the Marvel and Star Wars Universes were there on glorious display.


SDCC 2014 Sideshow Collectibles


The Hobbit panel on Saturday was a packed event, but for those who couldn't make it into the coveted Hall H, Weta Workshops brought along a life size head of Smaug the Dragon. The prop even had eyes that opened and shut, making it an instant fan favorite of the crowds in the convention center.


SDCC 2014 Smaug Dragon Eyes


Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the bigger licensed properties at the show and Rocket Raccoon was everywhere to be found. Clockwise from the upper left we have a full sized statue of Rocket and Groot made from LEGOs, a giant pop vinyl of Rocket, a scaled statue of Rocket and Groot, and finally a life-size statue of Rocket Raccoon. 


SDCC 2014 Rocket Raccoon


Dressing in geek finery is one thing, but this year's attendees were even ROLLING in style to Comic-Con! Here are two of our favorite geek vehicles from the show: The first is a Darth Vader mash-up with the bat-mobile, and that is followed by the Shag'n Wag'n from Dumb and Dumber


SDCC 2014 Comic Con Vehicles


Makeup and special FX go hand in hand with the cosplay culture of Comic-Con. The Cinema Makeup School was set up at the convention floor, offering live makeup demonstrations. The X-Men villain Apocalypse was the highlight of their work and got everyone excited for the next film in the X-Men franchise, The Age of Apocalypse.


SDCC 2014 Apocalypse Costume


Comic-Con Costumes

Comic-Con would not be complete without a look at some of the world's best cosplay. All levels of costume enthusiasts attend the Con, from highly skilled fabricators, to amateurs just looking to get in on the fun!


SDCC 2014 Avengers Group Costume

Avengers Assemble!


Batman Totoro Costume SDCC 2014

Bat-Man Totoro!


Optimus Prime Costume SDCC 2014

Optimus Prime


Doctor Who Jack Harkness Costume SDCC 2014

Captain Jack and the 11th Doctor


SDCC 2014 Frozen Costume

Elsa from Frozen


Scout Trooper Costume SDCC 2014

501st Scout Trooper


Sgt Calhoun SDCC 2014 Costume

Sgt. Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph


Boba Fett Evil Kineval Costume SDCC 2014

Mash-up! Evil Knievel Boba Fett


Jurassic Park Game Workers Costumes SDCC 2014

Too Funny! Jurassic Park Workers


Indiana Jones Group Costume SDCC 2014

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Cosplay


Sharknado Costume 2014 SDCC

Sharknado Cosplay


His and Hers Tardis Costume SDCC 2014

His and Hers TARDIS Costumes


Universe Costume SDCC 2014



Jew Wolverine Costume SDCC 2014

Jewish Wolverine- A Comic-Con Classic


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