Wedding Tuxedo Color Trends for 2014

by |June 19, 2014

White gown. Black tux. So traditional, so classic, and, ah… kind of boring. If you’re a man about to get married, you don’t necessarily have to get pigeon-holed in the same style of tuxedo that groom after groom after groom before you wore when he walked down the aisle. It’s 2014, times have changed, rules are meant to broken, and you can wear whatever color suit you want on your wedding day!


Wedding Tuxedo Color Choices


All of us fashion-lovers at obviously want you to look your absolute best on your big day (or any day, really!), so we’ve gathered the newest trends for wedding tux colors this year for any style of wedding, just in time for wedding season to really kick off!




Grey Wedding Tuxedos for Grooms

[Clockwise from left: one | two | three | four ]
Ideal for
: An outdoor wedding with mason jars full of vintage inspiration.


A crisp, neat three-piece grey suit can be really striking at a wedding for both the groom and his groomsmen. A neutral shade of grey can go with many different colors for the shirt and vest – cream, pale lavender, or a light yellow, for example – and can also look really stunning with a ton of bridesmaid dress shades. (And if you’re a bride-to-be who has Pinterest boards stuffed to the brim with burlap table-runners, black chalkboard seating assignments, and a maid of honor with cute cowboy boots, you might want to suggest the grey wedding tux idea to your almost-husband.)




Khaki Wedding Tuxes

[Clockwise from L: one | two | three | four ]

Ideal for: A sandy and sunny beach wedding, complete with bare feet and an ocean breeze.


When you think khakis, you might think of going to the office 9-5 and hanging around a water cooler, but the shade doesn’t always have to conjure images of a boring work day. A tan tuxedo color can serve as the perfect finishing touch for a summery wedding look that’s both casual and super classy.




Dumb and Dumber Tuxedos

Ideal for: Bridal parties with a good sense of humor. (Or, you know, maybe prom.)


If you want to stray from a traditional wedding look – and we mean really, really stray – you may want to consider using Lloyd and Harry as your fashion inspiration. Bright orange and baby blue tuxedo colors will make the men in any wedding party stand out, especially when you include a matching cane and top hat.  


 Bright Colored Wedding Tuxedos

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Cream Colored Grooms Tuxedos

[ Clockwise from L: one | two | three | four ]

Ideal for: A New Year’s Eve wedding. Fashion forward bridal parties, or for fans of The Great Gatsby.


Grooms definitely should be able to wear white, too, if they want. (However, if you want to wear a cream suit, your bride should probably opt for an ivory colored dress. Trust us.) Cream is just so sharp looking! Perfect with black or navy accents, the groom and his groomsmen will look super slick walking down the aisle. This color scheme would also look particularly great with a martini in hand…




Navy Groomsmen Tuxedos

[ Clockwise from L: one | two | three | four ]

Ideal for: An elegant wedding, like at a royal ball or in a castle.


A dark blue is close enough to traditional black that it isn’t super risky to try, but it’s different enough to be eye-catching and noteworthy. Navy looks great against a grey stone backdrop, lush greenery, or inside of a church. And look! Aaron Paul wore a dark blue tuxedo at his wedding. That makes it automatically cool.

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