Fashionable Ways to Incorporate Your Favorite Characters and Costumes into Daily Life

Were you one of those kids who refused to take off their Halloween costume when you were younger? Do you find yourself thinking months and months in advance about what you could possibly come up with this year to top your last Halloween costume? We’re with you and this post is right up your alley. We found fun, geeky apparel from all around the web and created complete outfits that let you carry the Halloween spirit with you all year round. Yes, this means you don’t have to pine away for it to be October 31, anymore and you can fashionably incorporate Halloween into your daily grind. So, whether you are the ultimate Harry Potter fanatic, a kid who won’t take off the superhero mask for days at a time or you just love slasher films, there’s something here for you!



Harry Potter

It’s not likely we’ll see Hermione Granger walking the streets of London sporting a Hogwarts t-shirt (it’s best not to confuse the muggles). So, for this look we used neutral colors and added splashes of the Gryffindor scheme and Emma Watson’s everyday classy fashion. We completed the outfit with a Gryffindor crest ring, the house scarf and Bellatrix’s bird skull necklace.


Harry Potter fashion



Slasher Movies

If you make it a point to see every single horror movie known to mankind, then this is the look for you! What could be better than the classic color combination of black, white and red, with horrific accents thrown in? We suggest skull earrings, a blood red ring and our bloody high heels. This look is sure to make a statement without making you look horribly out of place!


Slasher Movie fan fashion ideas



Star Wars

R2D2 skirt. Need we say more? This look is perfect for girly Star Wars fans and makes for a great conversation starter, as well. Dress it down for your next all day CON experience with black flats and tights, or dress it up with a pair of our fishnets and sexy red high heels. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an out of this world outfit.


Star Wars fashion ideas



Jack Sparrow

Channeling the great Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t just for guys anymore. Ruffles, buckles and dark colors make the perfect base for creating a pirate inspired get-up. Topping it off with one of Captain Jack’s rings will help you pull off this look year-round and keep it from looking too costumed. 


Jack Sparrow fashion ideas



Mario Bros.

Want to go a bit more over the top with your Mario Brothers fashion, without going TOO over the top? A perfect balance can be easily achieved by pairing key pieces with a colorful sweater. A Yoshi skirt, Toad earrings and a mustache necklace and bracelet create an unmistakable look. One final accessory and the outfit is complete: why, a mushroom purse, of course!


Mario Brothers fashion inspiration



Nyan Cat

Do you love the Nyan Cat so much that you’re constantly playing the original video’s 10-hour loop and watching endless copycat videos that feature the character in different settings and locations? Our Nyan Cat hoodie makes the perfect staple for cold weather, especially when you use bright color basics and jeans to create a fun, fashion-friendly look.


Nyan Cat hoodie



My Little Pony

An alternative, bright colored look to that of the Nyan Cat can be achieved by using one of our My Little Pony hoodies. This outfit goes one step further by adding bold costume jewelry and black pants. Who said you couldn’t be fashion forward and love ponies, too?


My Little Pony Hoodie




Indiana Jones

Our fashion ideas for incorporating your beloved characters into your year-round wardrobe aren’t just for women. Guys can be fashionable and use their favorite Halloween elements, too! This Indiana Jones inspired outfit is simple incorporating leather, neutrals and the professor’s iconic hat. What else could you need?


Indiana Jones fashion for men



Doctor Who

Everyone’s favorite Doctor is always looking dapper and you can look just as great when you incorporate a few of our suggestions. We paired a tweed jacket with a button down shirt and tailored black pants as the basis for this look. Just add black suspenders, black boots and Doctor Who’s signature bow tie. Want to take it another step further? Carry around the Sonic Screwdriver and add an antique pin on your lapel.


Doctor Who fashion inspiration for men





Can’t pull your son out of his Ninjago costume from last Halloween? See if he’ll trade you for a Ninjago t-shirt and costume hoodie. Add some coordinating blue and red accessories, and he’s all set. This look will make him feel costumed while still achieving the removal of his adored costume.


Ninjago hoodie for boys



Care Bears

A simple way to achieve an everyday costumed look for your daughter is by using a Laplander hat. In this example we used a green Care Bears hat and filled out the rest of the girly look with various shades of green and black accents. She’s sure to love this daily character look and may even try to convince you to let her have the pink and yellow Care Bears hats, too!


Care Bears fashion inspiration



Content written by Elise Schwartz and images created by Kate Horvat.