Adventures in Online Dating with Fictional Characters

 If you think that it’s difficult to get a date as a geek or a gamer, try being a fictional character from an obscure country—or planet. Video game protagonists and superheroes don’t exactly have the ease and luxury of browsing for babes while browsing for books at the local bookstore, hitting on that cute barista at Starbucks or picking up chicks at the bar—well, unless maybe you’re Tony Stark. And, if you’re a pirate, well, all of the women are wenches—literally. Dating gets even more difficult if you happen to be a female in the fantasy realm—all of your potential soul mates are either trying to kidnap you or trying to kill you, and your rivals are always trying to kill you with a house to get a leg up on the competition.

It might seem rough some days, but at least you're not trying to get a date on the planet Melmac. Don’t feel bad—if you couldn’t get a date this Valentine's Day and you’re feeling a little blue, just be glad your skin isn’t green or covered in fur. So, what if your favorite fictional characters had their own online dating site to meet their mate? It'd probably go a little something like this...


Iron Man


iron man

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Captain Jack Sparrow


jack sparrow

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Wicked Witch of the West


wicked witch of the west

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Lara Croft


lara croft

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Alf (Alien Life Form)



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Fictional personals by Tom Lokhorst. Design by Kate Willaert.