Stocking Stuffer Ideas

by |November 26, 2012
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It's that time of year again when all your major Christmas shopping is taken care of courtesy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But, what about all those fun little items that make the gift giving complete? And, yes, by that we mean stocking stuffer items! We're talking about all those extra gifts like socks, batteries (for the presents you haven't unwrapped yet), silly putty, winter accessories and gift cards. We all know these items are bound to end up in our stockings, but if you're stuck for ideas and not wanting to gift out an eight pack of AA's from the back of your refrigerator for the fourth year in a row, take a look at our list of stocking stuffer ideas that are bound to be a hit, not only for geeks, but for everyone in the family.



Now, you're probably thinking you've got all the toys any kid could possibly want already covered with generic gift giving toys. But, these toys shouldn't be missed on Christmas morning! Plus, they're stocking approved since they're all hand-held, geeky and fun!


Toy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Minecraft Pickaxe | Sonic Knuckles Gloves | Sonic Screwdriver | Clone Trooper Blaster



What girl doesn't love a little bit of brand new bling for the holidays? These unique jewelry items are great for movie lovers, teen book fanatics and girls trying out an eclectic look. And, we know these jewelry pieces will be a great stocking stuffer surprise, because no one expects jewelry in a stocking, just in the tiniest box in the present pile.


Jewelry Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Antique Dragonfly Necklace | Gryffindor Crest Necklace | Hunger Games Necklace | Jack Sparrow Ring



Socks. Okay, so you're probably thinking you've given and received millions of socks throughout the years and you're just going to skip to the next item on the list. But, wait. These aren't just any old socks. These socks have capes, super powers and really neat geeky designs. So, make sure to look these sock stocking stuffer ideas over, too. We promise you won't regret it!


Sock Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Superman Cape Socks | Harry Potter Gryffindor Socks | Nintendo Red Mushroom Socks | Batman Cape Socks


Scarves & Snoods

Next on our list are scarves and snoods. What's a snood you ask? If you haven't seen "The Lorax" then you wouldn't know that they're hats with attached scarves and mittens. These scarves and snoods will appeal to just about anyone on your list: from the Doctor Who fan to teenage girls.


Scarves and Snoods Stocking Stuffer Idea

Fourth Doctor Who Long Scarf | Black Harry Potter Scarf | Dr. Seuss Thing 1 Snood | Raccoon Hood with Paws and Mask


Hats & Hoods

Rounding out our list are hats and hoods. They're the perfect winter gift that anyone can use well into the new year while the cold weather sticks around. Plus, these hats will make the whole family happy with our selection from Angry Birds and gaming hats to monsters and movie characters.


Hat and Hood Ideas

Video Game Costumes | Monster Costumes | Dr. Seuss Costumes

Costume Hats

You can find additional stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family on our website here. And, keep checking our blog for additional gift ideas all throughout December!