Political Costume Ideas for 2012

2012 is an election year and that means a steady diet of politics, propaganda and rich guys in expensive suits talking in circles at the American people. Politics don’t have to be all bad though. This guide to funny political costume ideas is just one way you can salvage some fun from the unending frustration of campaign ads and downright wacky accusations of the people we put in charge of the U.S.A.


Mitt Romney

Whether you love him, or hate him, Romney has given us plenty of options for making a funny costume.

 The basics:


mitt romney costume

 (Mitt Romney Mask | Mens Black Suit Costume)


Bling Bling Romney (or Rich Romney)

If there’s one thing Mitt Romney is all about, it’s dolla billz y’all. With a net worth reaching 9 figures, Romney has got the cash to roll in style. Show off your mad stacks of cash by putting these items together:


rich romney costume

 (Mitt Romney Mask | Phoney Money | Dollar Sign Necklace | Gold Pimp Cane)


Of course, Mitt always travels with his best bud, Benjamin Franklin:


hundred dollar bill costume

 (Hundred Dollar Bill Costume)


Binder Full of Women Mitt Romney Costume

Ever the ladies’ man, Mitt knows how to keep women satisfied, especially in the workplace. How, you might ask? Binders full of women. Show the ladies that you know how to make their dreams of success come true with these:


binder full of women costume

(Mitt Romney Mask  | Mens Black Suit | Trapper Keeper Image Source | Barbie Dolls Image Source)


Just place Barbie dolls (or other girlie dolls) inside the Trapper Keeper and you’re ready to go.


Mitt Eastwood Costume

Mitt exercises no action to hide the fact that he wants to be a cowboy. Clint Eastwood, the iconic anti-hero cowboy of the 60s and 70, even came to give the tip of the hat to the 2012 Republican nominee at the Republican National Convention. You can make sure that everyone knows that a Mitt Romney presidency will be a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

Just combine these items to make your own Mitt Eastwood, or Clint Romney Costume:


mitt eastwood costume

(Mitt Romney Mask | Western Gunman Costume | Western Cowboy Hat | Maverick Gun & Holster Set)


Out of Work Sesame Street Group Costume

Freeloading Muppets sucking American tax dollars from the government? Not on Mitt’s watch! Mitt plans to finally get those lazy Muppets from Sesame Street off the government dollar IV and put them on the real streets. Things won’t change much for Oscar the Grouch though—he already lives in a trash can and no one on Sesame Street seems to be helping him better his situation…

To make your own Out of Work Sesame Street Group Costume, all you need is:


sesame street costume ideas

(Oscar the Grouch | Ernie | Elmo | Sexy Big Bird | Bert | The Count)


Be sure to add the “homeless” touch to your look by adding old and dirty jackets, stocking caps, or other ragged clothes to the Sesame Street costumes. You can also make clever picket signs, with slogans like:

“Will teach your children how to count for food.”

“Need tickles? Will work.”

“I taught you how to share when you were little. Now share with me.”


Barack Obama

Obama’s looking to seal the deal with a second term in office, but that makes him a prime target for some good old fashioned ribbing and mockery. Check out some of the fun choices for an Obama themed costume.

The basics:


barack obama costume

 (Deluxe Barack Obama Mask | Mens Black Suit Costume)


And now the fun begins.


Obama Loves Big Bird Couples Costume

Obama’s campaign had an awfully quick response to Mitt Romney’s comment on Big Bird in the first presidential debate. It’s enough to make one wonder what’s REALLY going on between Barack Obama and Big Bird.

Show the world what’s really going on between Obama and Big Bird:


obama and big bird couples costume

(Deluxe Barack Obama Mask | Sexy Big Bird Costume)


Bin Laden’s Revenge Costume

Obama likes to tout around the fact that he was able to take down Osama Bin Laden, but if generations of Friday the 13th, Halloween and all the zombie films have taught us anything, it’s that the bad guys never stay dead for long.

Come back from the dead as a hideous zombie, in search of revenge on Obama:


zombie osama bin laden costume

(Osama Bin Laden Costume | Toy AK-47)


Zombarack Costume

What’s the worst a second term of a Barack Obama could bring the U.S.? Certainly not the apocalypse, right? Or maybe it could!

Everyone will know that a Barack Obama presidency means that the zombie apocalypse will be at hand with:


zombie obama

(Zombie in Charge Mask | Men's Black suit Costume)


All the other zombie presidents will be sure to check out the new zombie apocalypse America:


zombie presidents

(Zombie JFK Mask | Zombie Ronald Reagan Mask | Zombie Abe Lincoln Mask)


Eat Your Vegetables Michelle Costume

Forget about the war on terror, Michelle Obama has sparked a war on junk food. War is ugly—that’s why Michelle has spent these last four years toiling away to craft her army of mutant vegetables to enforce the vegetable consumption upon the American people.

Gear up for a war on junk food by combining:


michelle obama costume

(Michelle Obama Mask | Corn Stalker Costume | Peas Costume | Military Bullet Belt | Machine Gun)


Texts From Hillary

Known as the fastest thumbs in Cabinet, Hillary Clinton can rarely be seen without her handy cell phone in hand. 

You can start sassing back with the power of texts by making your own Texts from Hillary Costume:


texts from Hillary costume

(Hillary Clinton Mask | Blues Sunglasses | Blackberry Image Source | Blonde Wig)


Ryan Heuer

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