The Great Costume Debate: America's Top Costumes Face-off (Infographic)

by |October 23, 2012

As America hunkers down to elect its next Commander-in-Chief in 2012, a huge decision faces the nation. Yet before that ‘biggest of days’ on November 6, 2012, another important debate looms heavy on our minds—how will America dress for Halloween?! To answer this contentious question, we’ve pitted the most popular Halloween costumes in 2012 against one another. By looking at the top 10 states for Google searches in the past year for each term, we’ve tallied the Electoral College votes for the nation’s favorite costumes. The people have spoken! (And the results may surprise you…)


The Great Costume Debate Infographic by Great Costume Debate Infographic by

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Interesting 2012 Facts for “The Great Costume Debate” Infographic


Adult Halloween Costumes

Not in Kansas, Toto!

In February of 2012, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences acquired the ruby slippers made famous by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. This is one of four authentic pairs rumored to exist, and they will be displayed in the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, slated to open in Los Angeles, California in 2016.

*Sources: Profiles In History and

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Costumes for Kids

Turtle Power!

In March of 2012, The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota was the site of the world’s largest gathering of Ninja Turtles. There were 836 fans who showed up dressed in costume to celebrate the opening of a new TMNT themed ride.

*Source: World Record Academy

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Funny Halloween Costumes

Oldest Funny Bones!

Billings, Montana is the home of 95-year-old Floyd “Creeky” Creekmore, the man whom Guinness World Records dubbed the oldest performing clown in February of 2012.

*Source: Guinness World Records

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Scary Halloween Costumes

Hottest Haunt! named The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2012’s best haunted house in America. The attraction features 40,000 square-feet of fright.


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Zombie Costumes

I thee undead wed!

In August of 2012 during Louisville, Kentucky’s annual Zombie Attack, one couple threw a zombie themed wedding. The bridal party along with the bride and groom wore zombie-fied garments covered in holes and burns under the guise that they were “Killed” in an accident en route to the ceremony.

*Source: Courier-Journal

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Vampire Costumes

A Bloody Good Time!

Since 2003, Salem, Massachusetts has hosted the Festival of the dead, an annual event that explores ancient death rituals and macabre customs. The festivals in 2012 included a Vampire Masquerade with prizes awarded for the most apocalyptic vampire costume.


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Batman Costumes

Who’s that bat?

A man dressed in a Batman-esque outfit was arrested in a Mansfield Township, NJ Home Depot this past August. The 23-year-old claimed he was trying to inspire hope by dressing like a superhero, but several alarmed shoppers called 911.

*Source: CNN

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Spider-Man Costumes

Back lot Blaze!

All four Spider-Man films have been filmed in Hollywood, California, in the Universal Studios back lot. Due to a fire in 2008 which burned down the old back lot, the 2012 reboot was the first Spider-Man film to be filmed on the new back lot!

*Source: IMDb

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Sexy Costumes

Sexy Women on Parade!

Panama City Beach, Florida set the world record for largest bikini parade in March of 2012. That record was broken a mere five months later by a bikini parade of more than 1,000 in China.

*Sources: Guinness World Records and USA Today

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Macho Costumes

Macho Men!

In June of 2012, Mars chocolate released its fourth annual “America’s Manliest Cities” study, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma claimed the title, up two spots from last year.

*Source: PR NewsWire

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