2012 TV Halloween Episode Costumes News Roundup

by |October 19, 2012

Caution: spoilers ahead! This fall’s hottest shows will be all the buzz this week as the Halloween episodes begin to premiere. It’s safe to assume “The Simpsons” will be airing some sort of Tree House of Terror episode; in fact it will be their 22nd version of the ever popular episode. But, what about other TV shows that don’t repurpose the same basic plot year after year? We set out to find out what some of the most popular characters will be dressed as this Halloween and included tips for creating your own character inspired costume.


New Girl (FOX)

Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess seems to be channeling the impending zombie apocalypse this Halloween, according to one of her fan sites. (You can find the article here.) While this costume seems to be very homemade, you can still create this look by pairing together some of our zombie costume pieces.


New Girl Halloween Episode

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The New Normal (NBC)

Ryan Murphy’s new show “The New Normal” will be channeling reality TV stars this Halloween, and according to Examiner’s article the show will be full of pop culture costume changes, including Honey Boo Boo Child. If you want to channel this reality star, just like “The New Normal” does, check out our guide for creating your own Honey Boo Boo costume.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Everyone’s favorite nerds will be back at the Halloween madness this year with yet another costume party at the comic book store. Or, at least that’s what this spoiler tells us. What we do know for sure, is there will not be another appearance of the Justice League. Instead Sheldon and Amy will likely be wearing a couple’s costume, and Howard and Bernadette will be arriving as Smurfs.


Big Bang Theory Smurfs costumes 2012

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Glee creator Ryan Murphy teased fans with a picture of Blaine dressed Robin from the Batman series back in August. Since additional teasers for the episode are nowhere to be found, we can only assume this will appear in the Halloween episode. Last year’s Halloween episode was “Rocky Horror Picture Show” themed, so let’s hope this one doesn’t turn into Batman the musical. But, on the off chance that it does, you can be prepared with our Batman and Robin costumes.


Ryan Murphy costume spoiler tweet

Darren Criss as Robin for Halloween

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Grimm (NBC)

According to an article that appeared on Examiner, the cast of Grimm will be delving into a string of child kidnappings, which puts on damper on the spirit of Halloween, and may or may not lead to a lack of costumed characters. You can find the full article here.


Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)

ABC Family has been heavily promoting the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween train ride, so there’s no spoilers here… well, except which A is going to be aboard the train. There’s rumor that Emily will be Barberella, and Spencer is attending the evening’s events with Toby as Bonnie and Clyde. Plus, an article by Starcasm for the episode features Hanna as Marilyn Monroe and Aria in a super cute flapper dress as pictured below.


Pretty Little Liars Halloween Costume Spoiler

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What do you think? Tell us which TV Halloween episodes you're planning to watch over the next two weeks and which costumes you're most excited to see!