Red Wigs for Halloween Costumes

by |June 30, 2011
Categories: Costume Guides

From Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy to Christina Hendricks on Mad Men, redheads have always had a special place in Hollywood (just look at Cosmo and Marie Claire.) You can emulate a classic starlet this Halloween with a vintage dress and a glamorous red wig.

Even storybook characters are known for their red locks. The mean Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland is a perfect choice for Halloween mischief. However, kids that prefer treats over tricks will probably enjoy a red Ariel wig more. (Who doesn’t love The Little Mermaid?)

Red hair can be edgy and even scary. A wild rockstar wig can complete an 80s costume, while a sexy vampire wig can take your Halloween Costume from Twilight to midnight.


red wigs for Halloween


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