Easy Last Minute Costumes for a Supermom

by |October 20, 2017
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Easy Last Minute Costumes for Mom

Let’s be honest, sometimes we spend all our time planning our children’s perfect costume that we run out of energy for ourselves. If you don’t have a party to go to it can seem like a waste to don a full costume only for trick-or-treating. We have the perfect solution for those who want to get in the spirit but don’t want a full costume, or who (like us!) want to wear one to work! You can feel dressed up with your kids yet be comfortable walking around in these easy costumes for last-minute dressing up.


 Cozy Costumes

Cozy Mom Costumes

Cozy Fawn          Cozy Bat

Cozy and comfy is the way to be! Cozy costumes make great fall wear that is casual yet you feel as dressed up as the children in these last-minute easy costumes for adults. You can be almost any cozy animal you want. Show you’re a ferocious lion or a lovable fawn. Feeling a little curious and playful? A monkey is the perfect way to go! Going with a friend? Why not try and coordinate costumes. You can be a bluefish and a clown fish. Throw in a shark for a third friend and you’ve got the perfect group costume. Don’t worry if you think you can't pull it off, we’ve got you covered! These can easily be paired with pants or leggings to give you the full coverage you want.


Costume Dresses

Costume Dresses

R2D2 Costumes         Ninja Turtles Costumes

Costume Dresses

Who says costume dresses can only be worn on Halloween? Certainly not us! You know you have a few of these tucked in the back of your closet. Pull 'em out for your easy last-minute Halloween costumes! With so many different characters available you’ll even be able to match them. (That is if they still allow that.) Go as Jesse and Woody from Toy Story! Group family costumes are becoming more and more popular. Try Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Star Wars. R2D2 helps out so much you almost feel like you relate the most with it. These also go great with leggings!


Costume Apparel

Costume Apparel

Wonder Woman T-Shirt

If you’re in the colder states, a dress may not be the best option. There are plenty of shirts and hoodies that can help keep you warm yet offer that dressed up the spirit for your last-minute costume ideas. Character hoodies are not only good during the cold months, but your kids will love seeing you wear them year 'round. Pokémon is popular with kids so why not be Pikachu with them? Heck, you are the family's Wonder Woman who holds the fort down. Flaunt it! A stylish shirt with a cap and jeans, you're set!


Hats and Accessories

Halloween Accessory Kit

Dalmation Accessory Kit          Leopard Accessory Kit

Hats and accessories are the easiest way to feel dressed in costume yet not put in much effort. Just wear what you want and add a bit of flair. Animal kits like a dalmatian or leopard go great with anything in your closet. Strap on the tail, slip on the gloves, and don the ears! A witch’s hat or Minnie ears are always an easy go-to costume creation as well. Really any crazy hat goes at Halloween right?

Whatever your style, Halloween is the perfect time for that inner child to come out. Have fun with the costume ideas that make you feel comfortable. It’s so easy to find something to match your children. It might even be the only time they allow it! What did you think of our style? Is there one you’re going to try this year? Tell us in the comments and tag us @funcostumes with your Supermom costume!

Molly Schwichtenberg
Molly Schwichtenberg

Molly is the Marketing Manager and writer for HalloweenCostumes.com.

While her icon shows her dressed as Wonder Woman, her true Halloween costume goal is to dress as a member of the Barden Bellas. (Oh, and singing like she’s in Pitch Pefect wouldn’t be so bad, either.) You can find her at Twitter @mollyhalloween1 or on LinkedIn @mschwichtenberg.