Awesome Two-Person Costume Ideas

by |July 24, 2017

Awesome Two-Person Costume Ideas

There’s no debate that one is the loneliest number when it comes to just about everything. There’s even a song dedicated to the solitary digit and the heartache it can cause! Being alone, especially during celebrations and holidays, is a total bummer. Does anybody really envy the poor soul who goes stag to the party and then nervously munches on hor d’oeuvres? Um...nope! Well, now there’s a way to ensure that you’ll never be that guy or that girl ever again. These two-person costumes make it virtually impossible for your friend to abandon you throughout the evening. Think about it, if you two are huddled together under a camel costume or bound together in a Christmas sweater, your pal will stay right where they belong: attached to your hip!


Two-Person Camel Costume

Two Person Camel Costume

Camel Costume

Whether it’s Halloween or just another hump day, grab your BFF and hunker down inside this two-person camel costume. You and your pal will achieve party animal status because who wouldn’t want to celebrate with one of these awesome desert dwellers? Although, you’ll need to make a very big decision before all the camel-chaos can ensue. Decide which one of you will wear the camel butt. In our opinion, whoever consents to wearing the camel-keister is very lucky because awkward encounters can’t spoil your night. Simply crouch down and follow in your friend’s footsteps, but make sure your partner in crime agrees to sneakily pass you drinks.  After all, camels need to stay hydrated, right?


Two-Person Horse Costume

Two Person Horse Costume

Horse Costume

You two will be ready to prance under the moonlight, dash across the green meadows, and gallop into the sunset once you’re both concealed in these silly two person Halloween costumes. It’s a costume that adds a little extra giddy-up to your step, although it requires minor training. You and your BFF will need to practice trotting in unison because clumsy steeds simply don’t exist, and because looking as majestic as possible is a must. Once you’ve mastered galloping in harmony, then the real horseplay can begin.


Two-Person Mammoth Costume

Two Person Mammoth Costume

Mammoth Costume

There’s no better way to become the life of the party than by showing up as an animal that’s been extinct for 4,000 years. Naturally, everyone will freak out because you and a pal will form a complete prehistoric beast in this two-person wooly mammoth costume. Girls will shriek in excitement and bros will fist bump you in approval because there’s no debating the awesomeness of this larger-than-life creature. Before you and your buddy are praised by partygoers everywhere, you’ll need to practice stomping in unison. We wouldn’t want you two to fall over on the dance floor and poke an eye out with your mighty tusks.


Cookies and Milk Costumes

Cookies and Milk Costume

Adult Cookies and Milk Costume      Kids Cookies and Milk Costume

Cookies without milk? That’s just crazy! Milk without cookies? Well, that’s so… boring. Enjoying one without the other just isn’t right. Cookies are meant to be dipped in milk and if you happen to disagree then take it up with Santa! This cookies and milk costume doesn't link you and your friend together like the other costumes, but this get-up definitely requires two BFFs. Stay by your friend’s side throughout the night and people will start to crave freshly-baked cookies and a refreshing glass of milk. Kids who can’t seem to keep their hands out of the cookie jar can also become the mouth-watering combo by wearing the children’s version of this costume.


Two-Person Naughty and Nice Santa Holiday Sweater

Two Person Naughty and Nice Sweater

Two-Person Holiday Sweater

Family Christmas parties can be brutal. Uncle Merle is going to badger you with the annual cringe-worthy question: “what do you plan on doing with your life, kid?” Of course, Aunt Edna will inquire about your relationship status fifteen times before the party’s through, even though she’s well aware you’re single. Tackling the holidays alone can be daunting, but not if you bring your friend with for emotional support. This two-person holiday sweater wraps two friends together in cozy fabric which clearly indicates which one of you is on the nice list and which one of you isn’t. The best part? No need to worry about getting cornered into an awkward conversation because your pal will be right there to bail you out.


Two-Person Deck the Bathroom Holiday Sweater

Two Person Deck the Bathroom Holiday Sweater

Two-Person Santa Sweater 

Nothing can break the ice at an ugly sweater party like a bit of bathroom humor! If attending your office Christmas party is causing you some minor anxiety, then this holiday sweater is the solution. Not only does this sweater feature a comical image of Santa and Mrs. Claus using different restroom facilities simultaneously, but there’s also a second neck opening so you can be shoulder-to-shoulder with your best friend or significant other. (Although it might get awkward whenever someone needs to visit the lavatory.) It’s a good thing you guys are close!


Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

Adult PB&J Costume         Kids PB&J Costume

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Notice that it’s not just peanut butter time or just jelly time; both ingredients are required for the party to commence. These two condiments complement one another much like you and your bestie, so it’s the perfect disguise for BFFs who want to remain side by side throughout the night. Put on the foam tunics, creating a classic open-faced PB&J, and suddenly your colleagues will crave this school lunch delicacy. Two people costumes like this will become the perfect sustenance for all your future Halloween plans, plus it also comes in a kid’s size!


Will you and your friend decide to join forces and transform into a whole sandwich or would you rather coordinate your footsteps underneath a camel costume? Either way, we’d love to see photos of you two disguised in two person costumes or snuggled up in a two-person sweater. If you need more options you could always check out our couples costumes for more inspiration. Trust us, you’ll never nibble on cold pigs in a blanket alone at a party ever again!

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