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When it comes to picking out food costumes for men and women, you don't have to worry about reading the whole menu. Because we've got a huge selection of costume options! Shop all of our food costumes for adults right here to see all of the top choices.
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Plus Size Candy Cane Costume
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Adult Plus Size Toucan Sam Costume
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Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger Plus Size Men's Costume
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Plus Size Beer Keg Costume
Plus Size Blueberry Costume
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Adult Cap'n Crunch Plus Size Costume
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Plus Size Banana Costume
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Got dinner on the mind? Like which delicious meal you're going to make, or where you're going to stop for take-out? Or maybe you're still thinking about that great lunch spot. Or maybe you're thinking about 2 eggs over-easy, with extra toast! If this describes your normal train of thought, well, then we have a pretty prime suggestion when it comes time to pick your Halloween costume theme. You better pick out a food costume! You're obsessed with food (at least a little bit) so it's only natural that you want to embrace it by choosing a food theme for fun. Well, we're happy to let you know that we've got a wide selection of items when it comes to food costumes for adults! From sweets and treats to mainstay meal items, we've got costumes that will let you wear your favorite flavors. We even have chef costumes so you can feel like you take care of the cooking in a tricked-out executive kitchen!

It's pretty simple when it comes to picking out food costumes for men. Guys generally like their favorite foods prepared on the grill and served with a cold beer to chase it down. Luckily, we've got costumes to cover that and more! Hot dogs are always top food fare on the grill, so it's no surprise that lots of men choose hot dog costumes each and every Halloween. It's always a top seller! Cheeseburgers are another top item made on the grilled grates, and we're sure any guy would feel satisfied wearing our Adult Cheeseburger Costume. Ordering a pizza is a great choice for when you don't feel like firing up the grill, and our Pizza Tunic Costume is similarly a great choice for Halloween fun. And, no, we didn't forget about that beer! Whether you prefer your beer in a pint glass, a frosty mug, or even straight from the tap of a keg, we've got tunic costumes that show off each variety to showcase your love of brewed beverages.

Women might be slightly more discerning of quality and flavor when it comes to dinner fare, so we shouldn't be surprised that our most popular food costumes for women are for sophisticated palates. The top options here include our Sushi Costume for women, an Avocado Costume, and a Women's Chef Costume that will let you cook plenty of high-end entrees. Many women enjoy baking as a hobby or side hustle, and we've got plenty of corresponding costume options that are deliciously sweet. Our Cupcake Costume is the top-seller, but equally awesome choices include The Macaroon Dress and our Donut Costume featuring pink frosting and sprinkles. Speaking of sweet treats, we have no shortage of sugary snack item costumes; try one of our Candy Cane costumes or Twizzlers costumes for an instant sugar rush! There are plenty of beverages that make great costumes for women, too. Our Rose Wine Dress Costume is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day!