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Do you want your Halloween to be extra ooky and spooky? If so, Addams family costumes are the way to go! Couples love showing up to parties when they're rocking the Morticia and Gomez costumes. A Wednesday Addams Halloween costume is the perfect choice for a straight-faced trick-or-treater. If you're looking for a costume for the whole gang, Addams family Halloween costumes make for an epic group Halloween look so start practicing your snaps!
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Addams Family Wednesday Adult Costume
Addams Family Morticia Women's Costume
Addams Family Wednesday Girls Costume
Men's Putrid Papa Costume

Adult Putrid Papa Costume

Lace Morticia Adult Costume

Lace Miss Darkness Adult Costume

Morticia Addams Costume

Morticia Addams Costume

The Addams Family Gomez Child Costume
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Does you family have a preference for wearing black? That's cool. How about taking delight in scary, macabre things? Okay, we can all appreciate a good scare. How about your home, does it resemble a haunted mansion? It's probably a very interesting place. What about taking delight in torturing each other? That is not okay. Don't do that.

The Addams Family, seemed to delight in things that most people found scary or strange but really had a lot of qualities of being a good family. For example, Gomez and Morticia were intensely devoted to each other. Even though Wednesday and Pugsley tried constantly to torture each other, they are siblings after all, they were always fiercely protective of their family members.

Finally, consider the fact that many families present a false facade to the world when they are out in public, but are something else altogether when they are in the privacy of their home. The Addams never wavered from their true selves. If you can appreciate that quality, or if you just think it would be really great to dress up as this goth family, our Addams family costumes are going to be a perfect fit. How To

Addams Family Halloween Costumes

Addams Family Halloween Costumes

The dark façade of an ancient-looking home looms ahead of you. Instead of turning away, however, you're drawn in by a warm light streaming from the windows. You can't be sure what will greet you when you pull the door knocker, but your imagination works to fill in the blanks. A tall woman, mysterious and spooky, but welcoming, comes to mind. Next to her a shorter but equally intriguing man. And disgruntled but stoic, a giant of a man poised behind them. It's the Addams family. Everyone's favorite creepy, kooky family is what Halloween dreams are made of. And with a bit of help from us, we can make those dreams a reality for all your spooky season plans! Step into the shadows with us to find your Addams Family costume ideas, then spread the altogether ooky charm with Halloween decorations the entire neighborhood can enjoy!

Morticia Addams Costumes

Where would the Addams family be without its matriarch? Sure, Gomez may be the namesake and head of the household, but no one thinks of the family without Morticia coming to mind. Her style is both dark and alluring—like a slightly less dangerous vampire—making it perfect for Halloween celebrations. Her personality matches and makes Morticia a top spooky diva. Everyone wants to be her. Or they want to be part of her inner circle, at least. And with our selection of Morticia Addams costumes, you can be! Whether shopping for yourself or a member of your Halloween crew, we’ve got the gorgeous gowns, wigs, and accessories to make Morticia come to life. You’ll just need to perfect a silky voice and smoldering stare to convince your friends that the real Morticia has graced them with her presence.

Morticia Costume for Adults

Morticia Addams Costume

Once you've got your impersonation down, it's time to get your Morticia costume ready to impress. And there are a few things to consider. Does your Morticia lean deep into her sultry side? Is she more modest, as if she's simply dressed for a midnight funeral? Or does she fall somewhere in between with a dark but motherly vibe? In our selection, you'll find exactly what you need to make all versions of Morticia shine. Or, we suppose, fade beautifully into the shadows. Whether you choose a fitted velour number to accentuate your curves or a demure satin and lace dress with the right set of opera gloves, you’ll easily slip right into character.

Morticia Costume for Kids

Morticia Costume

As much fun as dressing up as Morticia is for adults, the accessories and mysterious feel of the costume can be intriguing for children as well. They imagine pulling a brush through the long black hair and maybe painting their fingernails black for the first time. The idea of putting on a pair of black tights feels elegant and surely heightens their interest in becoming Morticia—plus, they'll stay warmer while trick or treating in those full-length stockings. So, whether they’re hoping to match you or be a part of your family Halloween costume, don’t count out Morticia costumes for kids! You’ll have the opportunity to dress as another Addams while enjoying the adorable goth kid your child becomes on All Hallows Eve!

Wednesday Addams Costumes

If Halloween were a person, it'd be Wednesday Addams. As eerie and charismatic as her mother, Wednesday ups the ante with her bizarre interests and deadpan demeanor. She's everything a truly spooky Halloween character should be and is easily enjoyed all year long. Make the spine-chilling child a part of your Halloween festivities with Wednesday costumes from our selection! With her iconic Puritan collared dress, pigtails, and stony glare your Wednesday costume is sure to work as a stand-alone or as part of your Addams Family group. Simply grab a skull or spider for the look, and no one will mistake your costume for anyone but your favorite Addams. Want to ensure your Wednesday costume is good enough to raise even Uncle Fester's hair? Read on to see a few more of our Wednesday costume ideas!

Wednesday Costume for Adults

Wednesday Addams Costume

Ever imagine what Wednesday would be like as an adult? As major fans of Halloween, we do. And with that in mind, you'll find a selection of Wednesday Addams costumes for adults that will help you bring your version of the Halloween princess to life! We have to say, it's difficult to consider Wednesday in anything but her signature knee-length dress and white collar. The youthful flare of the skirt paired with the straight-cut collar complements her dynamic character well. But whether you choose to stick with a dark pilgrim style or add a smokey eye and bright red lip to age her more playful printed dress, we've got what you need!

Wednesday Costume for Kids

Wednesday Addams Costume Kids

Let’s be completely candid here, children can be stone-cold weirdos. Your kiddo may be adorable and cheeky and full of charm, but they may also love rather macabre things. They may prefer blackout curtains and reading a dry novel or rearranging a collection of dusty and decorative candles to playing outside in the sun. If that's the case, embrace it! And let your dark darling lean into it for as long as it suits them with a Wednesday Addams costume. Inspired by her always spooky essence, our Wednesday costumes for children easily bring that beloved Addams family member to life for every fan. And with options for every child, from toddler to tween, we have the Wednesday look for your child!

Addams Family Costumes

To be as kooky as the Addams family, it's best to have a full cast of characters. Obviously, Morticia and Wednesday are strong presences in the family. Still, the dynamics become even better when partnered with the rest of their kin. Wednesday's monotone against Pugsley's off-the-wall energy and Morticia's grace compared to Gomez's indulgent sappiness keep things interesting. And who could possibly contain themselves if Uncle Fester's whacky activities and Lurch's constant stillness didn't balance out the chaos? Bring the entire family together for a Halloween you'll never forget when you shop the rest of our Addams Family costumes. With options for every character, even Cousin Itt, you're sure to find the inspiration and exclusive looks perfect for your solo or group costume!

Pugsley Addams Costume

Pugsley Addams Costume

Have you ever met a more charming hooligan than Pugsley Addams? Sure, some of his favorite pastimes include chopping dolls with tiny guillotines, but his round and rosy cheeks and surprisingly sweet personality make it easier to ignore those behaviors. Plus, that high-energy kid is incredibly fun to imitate. And with our Pugsley costume, it's easy for your child to become the youngest Addams. Now if you want to become the little rascal instead, this playful costume will provide the inspiration to invent an adult Pugsley. Perhaps your grown-up Pugsley wears goofy t-shirts to match his humor, or maybe his father's style caught on and he's grown a mustache. Either way, our selection will get Pugsley to your Halloween party!

Lurch Costume

Lurch Costume

Okay, strictly speaking, Lurch isn't family. Not by blood. But his sense of style, lumbering presence, and dedication to the Addams pretty much cements him as an honorary member. And whether you're the quiet type like the hulking butler or you simply adore his Frankenstein's monster vibes, a Lurch costume is sure to win your heart! With a mask and suit, your kiddo can transform into the familiar character without any fuss. And if you're the one looking to quote the man of few words, you're sure to be inspired to replicate his pallid complexion and well-groomed outfit. Just give our selection of tuxedos and bowties a look and you’ll be set to answer each trick or treater’s call with, “you rang?”

Uncle Fester Costume

Uncle Fester Costume

Do you prefer the animated, black and white, or Christopher Lloyd version of Uncle Fester? Maybe you identify with all three in one way or another. Or perhaps it's your child that likes sneaking away to their room to think up bizarre inventions with the help of a single exposed lightbulb. Either way, we're here to help you spend some time with one of the craziest Addams. Head out for some trick or treat fun with your child dressed in Fester's full-length coat and a comical bald-headed mask. Or don the monk-like tunic yourself and get your dome looking nice and chrome with bald caps from our selection. You'll find everything you need to become the Uncle Fester even Debbie Jellinsky would love!

Cousin Itt Costume

Cousin Itt Costume

As chaotic as the Addams seem to be, there is actually a semblance of balance hidden beneath their surface. A prime example is Fester and Cousin Itt. They couldn't be more different, from their physical appearance (completely bald versus fully covered in hair) to their personalities (dopey eccentric versus suave charmer). So if Fester isn't your cup of tea, give Cousin Itt a try! Besides all the wild styling choices his hair provides, this enigma of a character couldn't be more interesting. Our available Itt costumes let you or the kids enjoy some hair-raising fun! So embrace the long hair, bowler hat, and round sunglasses and get ready to Halloween party. Or give Itt a new do with his flowing mane and a different statement-making hat from us.

Addams Family Couples Costumes

Pairing up the Addams isn't tricky. There may be some danger in letting Pugsley and Wednesday play together—sibling rivalry and whatnot—but even polar opposites like Fester and Itt make a picture-perfect look for Halloween. So, whether you and your partner or you and a friend are hitting the Halloween party circuit together, you can't go wrong with an Addams Family couples costume! Pick your favorite costumes from our selection and you're good to go. Want to create an iconic duo like Debbie and Fester? Grab the bald cap here and explore our women's costumes for something pastel and polished that Ms. Jellinsky would kill to have. Or stick to the perpetually in love coupling of Morticia and Gomez for a truly romantic Halloween.

Morticia and Gomez Costume

Morticia and Gomez Costume

As far as Halloween couples are concerned, there are few more iconic than Mr. and Mrs. Addams. A whispered morbid comment is greeted with a cry of "cara mia" that no one mistakes for anything but Gomez swooning over his bride. Between partners, the match is heartwarming—and between friends, it's silly. But either way, dressing as Morticia and Gomez is a fun and stylish way to declare which Halloween reveler you're celebrating with. And when you shop our selection of Addams costumes, you'll find the Gomez suit and Morticia dress that you're sure to fall for. Just don't forget your character props and accessories. A rose for Morticia and a play cigar for Gomez add the polish this sickeningly sweet couple needs.

Addams Family Cosplay

Addams Family Cosplay

There's dressing up as the Addams, and then there's committing to the character. When you shop with us, you can do either or both. Not sure about the difference? It's a simple matter of how invested you get with your costume. Will you wear your own hair straight and shiny to look like Morticia, or will you pick out the wig that turns your blonde locks black without a touch of dye? Maybe you'll skip a few details in your Fester costume and joke that you're him before whatever experiment went wrong and lost him his hair. And maybe you'll dive headfirst into the deep end and paint your entire body to get the death-warmed-over coloring of Lurch. However you decide to become a member of the Addams family, we have options to keep your costume simple or turn it into a cosplay triumph!

Addams Family Wigs

Addams Family Hair Wigs

How a person wears their hair has always been a defining feature of who they are. While costume gives you the chance to make a character your own, if you're looking to stick to the script, a wig can help! Guarantee your Wednesday costume is recognizable with a set of black pigtails from our selection. Or skip the electric razor and opt into a bald cap worthy of Uncle Fester. With a wig, you won't have to worry about altering your natural hair color or changing its usual shape. Though if you want to give it a whirl, we have color spray options to test out the desired change!

Addams Family Makeup

Addams Family Makeup

The idea behind an Addams' look is pretty simple: dark eyes, skin that hasn't seen the light of day for a while, and either a pale or deep-colored lip. Unless you live a similar lifestyle, you probably have more vibrance to your complexion and a few different options for how you wear your eye makeup. So if your makeup drawer is fresh out of black eyeshadow or your perfect shade of nude lipstick, our selection can help! From the simple smokey eye glamor that Morticia rocks to the gruesome scars the rest of the family sports, we have the greasepaint and special effects makeup to suit your needs.