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Black 13" Unicorn Skull

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13" Black Unicorn Skull
13" Black Unicorn Skull
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The image of the unicorn is usually one of awe and mystery.  They're lovely, delicate creatures that walk through fields of flowers while sunlight breaks through bright green forest canopies to create rays of prismatic light as the creature steps towards you, bowing its gentle head while it's ivory horn gleams with magic.

Of course, the stories don't tell you that, right after that, they occasionally go into a charge and try to gore you with that nifty little death wand on its head!  Or the fact that a unicorn's skull is a dark ebony and its spirit stays with the horn!


Show off the strange encounter that you might have survived with this 13" Black Unicorn Skull.  This dark decoration will give that mysterious edge to the atmosphere that you're trying to create for any of your festivities, from the All Hallows Eve bash to the spooky movie night!  


Some might say that it is a cursed thing to keep the skull of a magical creature like a unicorn around.  But, we're pretty sure that this one isn't too upset.  Unicorns are such isolated creatures that the spirit hanging around this one is probably just happy to be around some people and watch their eyes get big with wonder!  

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      By Banana / December 29, 2018
Altered this critter to make something amazing.
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Five Stars
      By Current Customer / March 4, 2019
Its bigger than I expected! But looks great, sturdy.
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