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Snow White and the Huntsman Costumes

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"This is no fairytale." So basically forget everything you thought you knew about Snow White...

Snow White and the Huntsman based on the Brothers Grimm story, stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth in a re-imagining of the classic Snow White story. Stewart takes on the lead role as the title character, and Theron takes on the role of Queen Ravenna, an evil queen who wishes to control all of Europe.The 2012 film from Universal Pictures has incredible detail in its settings and costumes, especially.

Our Snow White and the Huntsman costumes are modelled after those seen in the film. Our Snow White costumes are very cool because it's not the blue and yellow dress you remember; instead Snow White is a warrior princess covered in armor and wielding a sword!  We have adult and children's costumes of all the main characters including Queen Ravenna, Snow White, the Huntsman, as well as accessories. No need to ask the Magic Mirror, "who is the fairest one of all," because it will be obvious when you get into one of this Snow White and the Huntsman costumes!