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Minion Costumes

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Dr Gru won't be able to get many of his evil plans off of the ground unless he has his troves of dedicated Minions to back him up! Suit up as one of the memorable characters with one of our officially licensed costumes. How To

Minion Costumes

Minion Costumes: How To Be The Character

Meet the Minions! Costumes for Every Fan

Big or small, boy or girl, there are costumes made for every Minion! Our collection of officially licensed costumes from Despicable Me will help you bring these fun, friendly yellow creatures to life! Dress up as one on your own and be instantly recognized as the beloved character, but go as a group and you'll wow any crowd!

Men's Minion Costume

You may have watched Despicable Me because it was a fun family film, but after seeing those hilarious minions on screen you were hooked right alongside your child! With this adult Minion costume for men you can transform yourself into one of these silly characters and indulge that part of you that will always have a little kid's sense of humor.

Women's Minion Costume

Sure, your main consideration for getting a women’s Minion costume might be to make the kids happy so that you can trick or treat in coordinating costumes. But when you see how cute this costume is, you'll realize this is a win - win! Not only will the kids be thrilled, the yellow and denim print dress has a flattering fit without being super short or revealing. Gru tries not to play favorites, but this Minion girl would have him making an exception.

Boy's Minion Costume

Is your little guy ready to report as the latest member of the Minion army? When he puts on this boy's Minion costume he will be. Complete with goggles this costume will make it easy to look like a Minion. Helping Gru execute a super evil plan might prove a little harder but we know he's up for the challenge!

Girl's Minion Costume

Just when you thought Minions couldn't get any cuter, there's this girl's Minion costume! Bright, cheerful and designed to look just like one of these fun characters this outfit is sure to make any fan happy. With leggings and boots, you can have a look that's both attractive and age appropriate.

More Ways to Be Minions

Looking for additional Minion costume ideas? There are lots of styles to pick from so that you can get a look and feel that fits your needs. From casual to realistic, there is no right or wrong way to be one of Gru's minions. Pick the style that suits you best!

Minion Costume T-Shirts

Perhaps you're looking for an easier, more relaxed way to be a Minion. Our costume t-shirts are a great option. Ready to wear, perfect with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings, these Minion shirts are a comfortable, easy and affordable option. We carry several Minion hoodies too!

Tunic STyle Minion Costume Ideas

Maybe you'd prefer to a look that is a more literal version of the character. Our polyfoam Minion tunic costumes feature realistic prints of the characters. We even have purple mutant Minion costumes to pick from!

Be Your Own Minion: Poses and Props to Set you Apart

Do you love seeing all of the fun props the Minions carry that set them apart? We do! Adding fun extras to your costume will help you stand out in a sea of Minion costumes and express your own individual interests and personality. Here are a few examples of how you can add to your Minion look.

Minion with a Banana

Minions love bananas. This is not opinion, this is a fact. Why? We are not sure of the answer to that question. But we do know that if you add an inflatable banana prop to a Minion costume you increase its funniness by double.

Party Like a Minion

Alright, for this one you don't need any fancy props. All you need is to bring all of the enthusiasm you can! Imagine how fun it would be to work with your fellow, goofy Minions every day and get excited. Throw your hands up, dance and smile!

Minion Chef

Dinner isn't going to make itself, and with that many mouths to feed you can't leave the task of food preparation unassigned. Do you love making food, serving food or eating food? Pop a chef hat on your head and step into the role of their beloved cook.

Minion Firefighter

Bee-do! Bee-do! To this day, elementary classrooms across the world are plagued with students chanting the funny fire alarm sound made by their favorite minion in Despicable Me 2. Would you like to be on the receiving end of that kind of popularity? Place a firefighter hat on your head, grab a bull horn and belt out your best "Bee-do" noise!

Supervillians: The Are What Minions Need Most

Minions are great, but without a leader they lose their path and purpose in life. You can make your Minion group the happiest around by wearing the suit of their favorite villain: Gru!


Gru is not your typical supervillain. It turns out; he actually cares about his Minions and has a capacity for being a decent human being. Whether you decide to portray Gru as terribly evil or kind and generous is up to you. Your Minions will love you either way and with this adult Gru costume you will look just like their infamous leader.

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