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Chances are, anyone young enough to fit into a child-sized Jetsons costume didn't grow up watching the cartoon. (Well, unless they found a clip or two on YouTube.) And any child that has seen the cartoon, thanks to their parents or some other slightly older person, probably thinks the future depicted in the Jetsons is, well... old-fashioned. Fair enough, the first season did air in the 1960s so there are bound to be some discrepancies between what the future was imagined to hold back then compared to now. But the Jetsons still holds relevancy in today's world, so before your child dismisses this classic cartoon they should know what they owe to it.

The Jetsons presented an optimistic view of the future where technology would have bettered our lives, enhancing our comforts and relieving us of monotonous everyday tasks. It showed a sort of wish list of things we hoped would be common place, like flying cars and personal jet packs. Today, when a new technology is introduced there are still people who reference the show by saying, “This is Jetsons-level technology” or something to that effect. What it shows is that even today we still are trying to realize our dreams of the future and develop ways to achieve the lifestyle that was idealized all those years ago.

So your child may not fully understand a “Jetsons” reference, but we're willing to bet that they still have big ideas about how they think their futures will be. We even suspect they probably envision robots and flying cars. Those technologies may or may not exist in the coming decades, but our child Jetsons costumes can encourage them to keep dreaming big.