The Superhero Shuffle [Video Parody]

The Superhero Shuffle [Video Parody]

Super Bowl XLVIII is just around the corner and football fever is sweeping the nation!  Folks are eager to get their hands on any Super Bowl related media they can in anticipation, and we have JUST the thing to feed that need! Well...sorta. Chances are you've heard of the Super Bowl Shuffle, that awesomely cheesy 1980's rap song performed by the Chicago Bears?


The Superbowl Shuffle Still

Yeah. That one.


While that was busy climbing the Billboard charts and selling over a half a million copies, ANOTHER piece of 1980's video footage managed to slip through the got "lost in the shuffle," if you will. We found it, and it's epic! All of your favorite 80's heroes got together to spit some raps of their own, in what we're dubbing "The SuperHERO Shuffle."


The Superhero Shuffle

Yes, this is real life. It's happening. 




Ladies and gentlemen, meet the NEW 80's kid in town, The Super Hero Shuffle. The lyrics are below if you'd like to follow along:





We are the superhero shufflin' crew
Saving the world, doin' it for you.
We chase down bad, and fight for good
Taking out villains like we knew we could.
You know we could strut for hours,
Showin' off all of our special powers.
We're not just here if you're in trouble
We're also here to do the Super Hero Shuffle.


Batman Superhero Shuffle


The name's Batman Gotham doesn't deserve me
Got a butler named Alfred whose job is to serve me.
I cruise around Gotham in my Batmobile
stoppin' every thug and pimp and seedy drug deal.
If my symbol's in the sky I'll be there on the double
Then I'll come right back to do the superhero shuffle.



Wonder Woman Superhero Shuffle


They call me Wonder Woman is it any wonder why?
Bashin’ the baddies and lookin’ super fly.
Come equipped with bracelets and a metal tiara
And a lasso of truth if THOSE didn’t scare ya.
Savin’ the day if there’s ever a scuffle,
And addin’ some style to the superhero shuffle.



Superhero Shuffle Superman


I have a day job as a geeky reporter
At night I’m superman seeking justice and order.
Faster than a bullet stronger than a train
Love my X-Ray vision – you should SEE Lois Lane!
I hop in a phone booth if you’re ever in trouble
And STILL have time to do the superhero shuffle.



Catwoman Superhero Shuffle


Catwoman here I'm sly and pretty
I'll make you purr like a soft little kitty.
Charm that can kill and sweet as a rose
I can steal the jewels right from under your nose.
I like to be sneaky and I love to be subtle
But not when I'm doing the Superhero Shuffle!



Superhero Shuffle Captain America


They call me Cap and I lead the way
If there's trouble I'll save the day.
I got this big shield for blockin' stuff
'Cause here in America we like it rough!
But I'm not here to start a struggle
I just want to do the Superhero Shuffle.



Spider-Man Superhero Shuffle


Well they call me Spidey and I like to dance
Swinging from buildings is like makin' romance.
With great power comes great responsibility
Got the keys to my city from my spider like abilities.
Supervillans always try to flex their muscle
I'll Tie 'em up quick and do the superhero shuffle.

From high school student to famous crime fighter
Sport a red and blue suit with the mark of a spider.
Shoot webs snap photos my presence is pivotal
Spidey sense starts tingling 'n I locate the criminal.
These Supervillans always try to flex their muscle
I'll tie 'em up quick and do the superhero shuffle.



Hulk in The Superhero Shuffle


Hulk is big and gamma green
get Hulk mad he destruction machine.
But say anything about his purple pants?
Better get out the way because Hulk SMASH!
Hulk gonna start a big kerfuffle
Right after he do the Superhero Shuffle!

Aleksandra Sobic

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